The Chef

Chy Tuckerman was born and raised until the age of 14 in Cambodia. During the end of the war with the Khmer Rouge his family was split up into refugee camps in Thailand. Eventually Chy and his brother were brought to America. Both boys were sent to Portland, Oregon and later Chy moved to New Hampshire with a Cambodian family with whom he was acquainted. After moving to NH he met and befriended Robert O’Hara who would teach him the art of baking. After Mr. O’Hara’s death he took over as part owner of Blacksmith Bakery.

In 1997 he moved to Woodstock, VT where he baked at the local Mountain Creamery for more than 10 years. Chy has a wealth of experience cooking in many different styles, among his favorites is Asian cuisine. Some of you may have already experienced one of his favorites, the spring roll. Chy has spent the last nine years perfecting his menu which fuses together some of his Cambodian and Thai favorites with his own unique flavors.

Meet the Team

The Angkor Wat team is more than a team, we are a family…some of us literally! We all take pride in providing great service so you have a wonderful experience dining with us.

Chy “Sunny” Tuckerman

Chef, Co-Owner
When Sunny isn’t delighting your palette with his creations, he loves spending time working on his cars….or shopping at Stern’s.

Monica Tuckerman

Monica spends her days solving people’s tech challenges at RSG. She enjoys spending time skiing and biking with her and Chy’s three kids.


Kiana is a mom to an adorable 3-year old. When she’s not working she’s spending time with her family.


Matt spends his free time playing Magic with friends or getting out in this Vermont wilderness.


Krista spends her days as a job coach for special needs adults. In her spare time, she chases after her teenagers.




One of those teenagers Krista is chasing!


This is the other teenager Krista is chasing!


Chy & Monica’s oldest son Kyel spends his free time practicing martial arts and skiing & biking with his family. When he isn’t enjoying one of those activities he’s helping his old dad as the sous chef!