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Asian Food Redefined

What if you went to your favorite Asian restaurant for dinner and you didn’t leave feeling like a glutton? It’s hard to imagine, because we have all left a restaurant feeling heavy – only to be hungry again in a couple hours.

Chef Chy doesn’t use oil to stir fry. I know, crazy, right? He cooks over high-heat that creates steam to quickly cook your entrees to perfection. Everything is made in-house, including the dipping sauces and desserts. Chef Chy uses local vegetables, grass-fed Angus beef from Cloudland Farms and heirloom Berkshire pork from Hambsch Family Farms.

Chef Chy draws on his broad experience in both American and Asian restaurants to create dishes that his customers love. You’ll find Cambodian and Thai dishes on the menu that have Chef Chy’s influence.


We will be closed the third week in April every year! In 2019 that will be from Monday April 15, 2019 through Monday April 22, 2019!

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