We have tried to answer the most common questions below. Please use the form on the contact page if you have further questions.


I drove by but didn’t know where to go ūüôĀ

You can pull into our driveway, or through the other driveway shared with Sunoco. Drive around back to our parking lot. When looking at the building from the lot, there is a door on the right (Sunoco) side. If you are on foot, you are welcome to come in through our front door, too!


Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

We do not. We are a B.Y.O.B. establishment and have beer & wine glasses and openers. There are a number of places in the vicinity to obtain adult beverages – Mac’s Market, Hops & Barley, Woodstock Beverage, Maplefield’s, Gillingham’s are all within a mile of our restaurant.


Do you really have a secret menu?

Not exactly… There are so many amazing dishes that are not on the menu. You will see some of them as weekly specials, and then there are some that our chef¬†will prepare with an advance request (to ensure we have all ingredients available). Sunny loves to be creative – if you crave a change from your normal favorites, just ask him to prepare you something new! This might not be possible on very busy nights though ūüôā



Why don’t you use Asian vegetables?

The answer is simple. We source our produce locally whenever possible and we do not always have access to Asian produce in VT! We do make exceptions for items like mango and coconut, etc., but we find that our local produce is just as delicious in our dishes as their Asian counterparts. We do, on occasion, get these special veggies like Thai and Indian eggplant and Chinese okra as well as gai lan (Chinese broccoli). We hope you do enjoy them when they are available!


This Sweet & Sour Chicken isn’t red, what gives?

For starters, we are not a Chinese restaurant! While we do have some menu items that have names resembling some of your Chinese favorites, our dishes are fresh and healthy Asian fusion creations. Chef Chy cooks Cambodian and Thai dishes with his twist.

The sweet & sour chicken has a from-scratch tangy sauce served with¬† chicken, pineapple & mixed vegetables. The chicken is not breaded and fried – it is stir fried, making this dish light and healthy! Same with our Sesame Chicken‚Ķyou might be surprised when you first get this – it isn’t that sugary red/brown sauce. It is a thinner brown sauce, stir fried with chicken and vegetables and served with toasted sesame seeds on top. Make no mistake, it is delicious and really healthy! Both of these dishes are very popular!


How do you handle food allergies?

We do not have a dedicated kitchen/area, so please use your judgement as it relates to your allergy/intolerance. Please always tell your server if you have an allergy! Chef Chy is able to modify most dishes for vegan, vegetarian, gluten, soy, nut, and egg allergies, etc. He is always happy to do something custom based on your issues. We clean every pan in between every meal cooked, and you can see our kitchen when you come in – it is exceptionally clean!

For our gluten free/celiac friends, you will be elated to learn that you can have all of our fried appetizers as none have gluten, so our fryer is dedicated!! When was the last time you had a crab rangoon? Seriously. He uses rice paper and does spring roll style. The only app you cannot eat are the steamed dumplings. And you can eat all the entrees, just substitute rice noodles for the lo mein. They are cooked separately. And then make sure you save room…our cheesecakes, custards, and Florentine cookies are also gluten free.

There are a selection of entrees that normally include peanuts, walnuts or coconut. Please ask and we can adjust accordingly. Same goes to order vegan (though the dumplings/springrolls are unable to be made vegan as they are sealed with egg).